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The Utility Warehouse

Telecom Plus are a FTSE 250 company who trade as The Utility Warehouse. They do not advertise and share some of the money they save with those who promote their services.

They offer the following services:

There are lots of reasons I like the Utility Warehouse (UW) and as a distributor I can help advise you on the benefits of joining and hopefully you will find you like me can save a lot of money compared to my previous service providers.

Here are some my favourite benefits (there are many others and some of the ones below only if you are a “Gold” {4+ services} customer) :

But you don’t need to take my word for it, not only do they have a rapidly growing customer base, they regularly win awards for their service in Which? Magazine.

You can view more about their services here, although some of the combined benefits are best explained in person.

In September if you become a Gold customer through me I will donate the sign up payment I will receive (£20 I think) to my charity appeal.