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This web site is very simple, I could make it more impressive but I have chosen not to as my target audience obviously includes many people who are new to computers and quite a few with terrible or even no broadband connection (particularly the long suffering people of Isfield).

Complicated layouts, slow web pages and having to download software in order to view a site are things best avoided.

Pictures are fine if suitably compressed and I can incorporate your prints, 35mm slides, 35mm negatives into your website. Indeed I will take the photographs if required (I am a member of the Bureau of Freelance Photographers). I am also skilled at digitally processing images and can produce quite good, but still small (hence fast to load) images.

Embedded sound and videos are possible but you are probably best not forcing this on potential customers unless you know the vast majority will easily be able to listen and view them. Many may also be accessing via connections with limited download allowances and won’t be best pleased if your videos use lots of it up. I would suggest in most cases these are best not placed on your home page.

Web Design by someone local and accessible in Uckfield