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Installation of Computer Systems by Repair a PC

If you have bought the hardware from me this won't be a problem as it's all part of the service.

I can help you install a computer, desktop, laptop or all in one which you have purchased elsewhere and just want someone competent to set it up on site and connect it to other existing equipment and transfer your data.

You may sadly find that you don't know how to connect it or your new equipment is just refusing to work properly. You've contacted your supplier and have now realised that the help line is anything but helpful and certainly not as described by that ever so nice sales guy.

It's often difficult to tell if you have some faulty hardware or a software configuration problem and it's just infuriating to spend hours hanging on a phone and still be non the wiser as to what is really causing the problem. Especially when "Michelle" from "Manchester" (near Mumbai) seems to know more about the weather and what's on UK TV than what's up with your PC.

When you've finally had enough and hopefully just before you completely lose your rag, then perhaps you should give me a call. Perhaps, you should have called me before you bought the computer, but I won’t hold it against you.