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Custom Computer Build by Repair a PC

When asked to build a computer I will usually point out that the mass produced items are significantly cheaper than I can build them.

This is often due to some or all of the following:

Despite this if you have simple requirements an off the shelf computer may well be perfectly adequate and if you wish I can help you to choose one. If your requirements are more unusual I can also help you to choose or find something from a better supplier that is close to your needs.

Many retailers will attempt to up-sell you to the most expensive model they can persuade you to buy. It may well surf the web and read emails very well but so would many others half the price or less! Worse still you tell them you want to do something in particular eg. Make videos and they will sell you something that’s really not that well suited to the job.

If you have some unusual requirements or just want something built the way you want it built, then I am more than happy to build a computer to suit you.

You will get: