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For many people a computer health check will fix a slow PC, remove unwanted malware and bring peace of mind. Health checks are more popular with computer repair companies. They bring in customers and an opportunity to up-sell something perhaps anything.

At Repair a PC I believe health checks are useful if:

Over time a computer may, if not carefully monitored build up junk programs, data and malware. Potential problems may lurk within the hardware (the physical mechanic & electronics) or the software (the programs that run on the hardware). If, like many others, you never shop, bank or enter personal details and don't mind the delay then you may feel you can forgo a health check.

However if you do store or use personal or important data or you find your PC as become very slow then a PC health check may be for you. Computer Health checks include:

Health checks are usually pre-arranged and carried out at base as some of the tests run for hours and with many computers it would not be possible to do our thorough health check onsite without charging much more. Usually completed in 24 hours.

Computer Health Check and Service with Repair a PC