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REPAIRaPC Laptop and Computer Repairs & Wildflowers

Many people have admired my wildflowers and some have asked how I had managed to produce such a good display (some good advice from my brother Andrew, some work and a lot of luck). Thanks for all the kind words from many customers and people passing by.

I received a few wildflower seeds for Christmas from my partner, Emily.  Inspired I added the bulk of the seeds used from Pretty Wild Seeds who sell a wide range of wildflower seeds who are DEFRA registered. In particular “UK 100% Wild Flower Seed Mix Annual Meadow Genuine UK Seed Plants Attracts Bees & Butterfly (100g) Pure Wildflower Seeds Mix 3” sold by Pretty Wild Seeds on Amazon - however it looks like you can buy them direct and save a pound Amazon tax!

I also had the back garden layered and planted that too with wildflower seeds. I ran out of seeds so added a couple of boxes of Thompson & Morgan mixed seeds and some Yellow Rattle seeds to help suppress any grass growth. I don’t thin the Yellow Rattle grew at all :( Apparently they need to get very cold to germinate.

I tried to dig over the ground and remove the grass. It didn’t go so well and so I dumped the waste soil that had been dug out of the back garden on top of the front and thereby disposed of the waste problem produced by the layering of the back garden.

I added sand to the seeds to help spread the seeds more evenly. I chucked a bit more soil on top instead of raking it and watered them copiously for 2-3 weeks (I was advised 10 gallons! per square metre per day!). I think I only did a gallon or two per day per square metre and a few days it rained quite a bit and saved me some effort. I actually sowed the seed in early July which is outside the suggested sowing period but with the watering it turned out well. If you sow them earlier you would normally get much more rain.

If you are thinking of having a go I hope this helps. Good Luck.