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Click to email for computer help Telephone 01825 763802 for computer support

Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak and fixing  Computer problems safely

During the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak I shall endeavour to assist you via your phone and Internet connection which leaves both you, your PC and myself completely isolated. Many problems can be fixed in this way. Call me first on 01825 763 802 or 079 808 22 505 and we can hopefully ascertain whether a remote fix is possible.


Do not use this link to connect to someone you do not personally know.

Click for more details about remote help

If it is not possible to use the remote link we will together decide whether we can proceed with a visit in a relatively safe manner minimising the risks of transmission in either direction.

I believe the safest option involves neither of us entering each others’ houses. This probably works best for computers delivered to me, which I can sterilise coming in and you can do the same as it leaves.

I will use my own keyboard and mouse and if visiting you, if at all possible, stay outside or at least minimise areas visited and time spent at your home.

In some cases the best option may be to put up with your problem until it is safer to visit.

I wish all my customers good health.