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Your broadband connection has probably become an integral part of your life and downtime is a nightmare. This is not helped when most of the support lines are manned by customer support staff who no little or next to nothing about broadband. There main aim seems to be to get you to go away in the hope your connection is magically fixed before you call back! This starts often starts at the beginning of the call when many providers will tell you “they are very busy and you might like to call back later”. I frequently hear this message very shortly before being connected!

If you lose your broadband connection, if you are able you are best to try a few things before phoning:

If you have a “superfast” fibre connection then there are two devices to restart and when engineer installed no user accessible DSL filters.

If you are having problems I can assist with getting you reconnected - hopefully you will be with one of the very few providers who do provide a decent support service.

Most people now have a minimal network setup where some facilities are shared - typically just the broadband. However it is usually possible to share other resources:

Broadband Connection and Networking Your Computer